Eco Lodge in the jungle


is located in the fascinating city of Tarapoto, San Martin-Perú (high jungle); between splendid forests that fills with peace, tranquility and very good vibrations to the traveler who visits.


Located in 6 hectares of green surface, one sees surrounded by leafy fruit-bearing trees and secondary forests, that under an immaculate sky lead the guest to maintain a direct contact with nature. Besides, the influence of the river Shilcayo (which passes to less than 30 ms. of the bungalows), it favors excellent microclimatic conditions; and also the presence of the typical local fauna.


The lodging place is located only 10 minutes away of the center of the city, if the traveler is walking. And less than 5 minutes using public or private transport.


The guest will be able to enjoy all the comforts of a hotel and to experience at the same time that cozy sensation of a familiar house, with wide and comfortable rooms in the bungalows; in addition the traveller will have at disposition the terrace, dining room, kitchen, refrigerator, confectioner, china completes, wireless internet, facilities of laundry, areas of rest with hammocks, lazy chairs and the natural pools of the river at a few steps.

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Prolongacion Alerta 620,  Tarapoto,

San Martin, Peru

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